what NetUse is for (some questions and answers)

We’ve noticed a few comments on the AppStore about NetUse not being able to monitor multiple computers and others. Since there is no way to comment on this via the Appstore I would like to clarify some things on our site.

First of all NetUse is a network monitoring app designed specifically to operate with SNMP (simple network management protocol) enabled hardware. We’ve implemented full SNMP support including version1, 2c and 3.

An ideal place for monitoring your local network usage is your network’s gateway, specifically a network interface on a router through which all connected to your network devices send/receive information to/from the Internet. If you setup NetUse as described above it will provide a very accurate network usage for your whole local network.

Current version of NetUse monitors one network interface at a time selected during a setup process. Any network router as you might be aware has many different network interfaces and some of them are used only internally and not necessary connected to these physical connectors you see on a back of a device. In order to monitor Internet traffic only NetUse has to be configured for a network interface that’s used to connect to the Internet and passes all the external traffic through. This network interface  doesn’t not mix external traffic with local traffic which in turn goes through a different network interface inside a router ( and routers’ firmware does all the routing and other magic).

NetUse tries to figure out a proper network interface to use automatically by looking at various aspects of a network setup including routing tables, interfaces names, etc. Unfortunately some routers use internally more interfaces than report via SNMP which makes an auto detection problematic. If NetUse can’t figure out a network interface to use automatically it presents a list of all available to monitor interfaces with realtime traffic where you can see what’s going on and make an educated choice. We feel this is an quite easy (not perfect) solution and were’ trying to improve interface auto detection.

Since NetUse is a full featured SNMP monitor it could be used to monitor any SNMP enabled network hardware. For example, you can easily enable SNMP support on your Mac and monitor only your mac usage.

And last but not least, please do contact us if you have any questions or require any help. We do read emails and reply to all of them. We’re trying our best to make a complicated task of monitoring network usage to be as simple as possible and open to any suggestions and comments.

thank you.


  1. Bill weaver says:

    I tried to used your sample (free) network utility but was
    confused regarding which IP address to use. My newer Airport Utility (7.6.1)
    shows an IP Address and a LAN IP address. I tried both with little if any
    perceivable difference. Your net utility liked either; said both were fully compatible. Is the LAN IP address the address of the (time capsule) router and the IP Address the address of the modem?

    -thanks, -billw

  2. GrAnD says:

    You would need to use a LAN IP address. An Airport Extreme can we configured to provide access to SNMP data via WAN, but it’s not a good idea from a security point of view. Please use an older version of Airport Utility (5.6) to check your configuration.

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