How to reverse upload and download in NetUse?

Some routers provide network interfaces to monitor over SNMP which report  reversed readings. If you came across one of these and wonder how to get NetUse to flip download and upload readings here is how. We’ve added to NetUse a special plist parameter to flip upload and download usage. Just open a terminal window and run the following:

defaults write net.dewdropstudios.NetUse inverseUsage -boolean yes
Restart Netuse, the above command will flip around down/upload readings. Why do we keep on using a plist file for various settings and tweaks? Well, we’ve decided to keep rarely required and yet useful settings in plist only to keep the UI as clean as possible and at the same time if something needs to be tweaked it’s there. it’s fairly simple using the defaults terminal program after all.


  1. Garys says:

    Worked like charm! Thanks GrAnD!!

  2. David Neudorfer says:

    This fixed it! Should have been in the FAQ!! :)

  3. Steve Pesner says:


    I have 4 macs and 3 iPod touches on my network at home connected via Airport Express; can NetUse monitor bandwidth usage by Mac# on a continuous basis and log this by Mac # by hour by day - so I know the usage by individual MAC #s (you can publish this question if you wish);



  4. GrAnD says:

    Current version of NetUse ( version 1.2.6) provides only overall bandwidth usage statistics. This is not a limitation of an SNMP implementation on consumer level routers. However we explore a few ideas to extend functionality of NetUse and provide detailed stats on a “per IP basis”.

  5. Steve Pesner says:

    usage by Mac address will be useful with the telecom caps/limits being implemented - not sure if this correlates with IP stats - can you comment?, thanks

  6. GrAnD says:

    Yes, it would be useful, and this is a high priority on our list. And you’re correct “per MAC address” is a better term to use, though a “per IP” term is more common I think :)

  7. Steve Pesner says:

    you are the expert on this but I was under the impression that IP addresses can change (dynamically) within a “router”; so I use MAC address as I have all of them used in my home and can monitor each one -

    but I can’t measure which one of my kids is streaming or downloading more than their fair share - this feature will be extremely useful with homes with many teenagers using laptops, tablets, smartphones, Xboxes etc -

    currently I have about 12 devices with Mac #’s and they all use bandwidth - with telecom limits being put in place - its not hard to use 5-10 gb per day or more with all the downloading apps available e.g. netfliz, xBox live, Spotify, youtube etc -

    I suggest you put this feature as a top priority now with all the publicity of caps by the big telecoms - families with kids and many devices will need this functionality to keep track of all the usage - so far no network monitoring app has this and I think it will be a great selling point ASAP

    what do you think?

  8. Bill weaver says:

    How do I reverse this setting?
    defaults write net.dewdropstudios.NetUse inverseUsage -boolean yes
    Do I use the same command but replace yes with no?

  9. GrAnD says:

    yes, just replace yes to no. i.e. :
    defaults write net.dewdropstudios.NetUse inverseUsage -boolean no

  10. Tel says:

    Great, now reading correctly - thanks guys.

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