NetUse and SNMP test are updated to 1.2.0

NetUse just got updated to 1.2.0. This is a major update which includes many big and small ideas and improvements we’ve received requests about as well as some new functionality we’ve planned for this version.

To start with we’ve analyzed many network setups and significantly improved and simplified network interface selection ( which seems to be the most common question we get). New interface selection wizard  either auto-detects a proper interface to use or presents you a table with all interfaces available with real time traffic data. You ca download something while monitoring the data usage and see which interface to use. We’ve included ‘Advanced Options” configuration where you can enable/disable automatic interface detection.

The bigest update we’ve included into this release is a full SNMP support. That includes all versions. i.e. SNMP version 1, version 2c and version 3. If you have a hardware that supports only SNMP v3 for instance - NetUse will operate properly and it gives you all the configuration options required. SNMP configuration is available under “Advanced Options” as well.

In most cases NetUse you wouldn’t need to use advanced options to properly configure and use the application.

Also, by a special request from our friends from down under we’ve expanded hardware list NetUse sopports and included very popular Million routers.

SNMP Test Utility is updated as well and included the same new and improved configuration wizard as NetUse which proved to be very helpful in testing a particular network setup and determining which network interface to use.

Last but not least - starting with version 1.2.0, NetUse fully supports MacOS Lion.

Please go to the Appstore and checkout this great update and if you have any questions or need any help just contact us and we’ll our best to help out.


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