New update is on its way

I have some exciting news today. We’re finalizing a new update for NetUse traffic monitor. This update includes many of the suggestions and enhancements you’ve asked about as well as some improvements and fixes.

For starters we’ve added a status menu with realtime usage data updates. There is no need to have the main app window open all the time ( or have it minimized). The dock icon has received a “face lift” as well and displays realtime data usage ( display mode is adjustable through the NetUse settings pane). New advanced settings pane is added as well. Last but not least - we’ve added a notification system about the data usage. For now it provides local notifications for you and we plan to expand it even further and include notifications delivered to your mobile devices as well.

One of the experimental features we’ve been working on is a monthly usage data estimates. NetUse estimates a monthly data usage based on an overage traffic consumption over a certain period of time ( adjustable through the settings). If all goes well with the testing this new feature will make it into the upcoming update as well.

Thanks for all the support and suggestions guys. If you have any questions of have suggestions, please contact us.


  1. Paul says:

    Sounds like a great update again guys. Are you integrating the notifications with Growl locally?

    Depending on how crazy you want to get with notifications, it might be fun to have a “more than X usage after hour Y” so I can show my kids that I really DO see what they are doing after midnight on their iPods

  2. GrAnD says:

    Thanks Paul.
    For now we don’t see a need to integrate Growl into NetUse. Your idea with “more than X usage after hour Y” seems very interesting :)

  3. Francisco Puig says:

    This upgrade include Full Screen support for Lion?

  4. GrAnD says:

    yes. this update includes full screen support for Lion.

  5. Francisco Puig says:


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