NetUse Settings

NetUse is doing great job trying to determine your network setup automatically and usually doesn’t even require any configuration. Just run a simple build in test which you see first time NetUse opens. However or rare occasions it’s required to specify a network interface on a router you plan to use to collect network usage data.

We receive quite a few questions about a password to enter in  NetUse configuration wizard. Here are a two screen shots to help:

1. What IP address to enter into the “Internet Gateway” field.
2. What password to use in NetUse configuration

If you have any questions or require some help to set things up, please check out our FAQ page or contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.


  1. Arie says:

    For an explanation see:
    There it says “gec0 corresponds to the local traffic (behind the firewall) and vlan1 represents external traffic upstream to the internet”.
    So vlan1 is the one you need.

  2. Ron Hunsinger says:

    That’s incorrect. vlan1 is total ethernet traffic, including both LAN and WAN. vlan0 is upstream traffic (i.e, traffic on the WAN ethernet port).

    If you measure vlan1, all internet traffic to devices that connect to the Airport Extreme base station via ethernet will get counted twice.

    (At least, that’s the way it is on the AEBS. I presume the Time Capsule works the same way.)

    My source for this is the AEBS itself. Begin a download that will saturate the (known) bandwidth limit from your ISP. Measure on vlan0 and vlan1. (In my case, it’s 3Mb/sec, or a little over 320KB/sec.) vlan0 reports the correct figure; vlan1 does not.

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