NetUse - how to edit plist

In the Mac OS X and iOS property list files are often used to store a user’s settings.

Starting with NetUse 1.2.2 we’ve added two more values to plist file to control SNMP timeout time and number of retries. Some CISCO appliances ( in particular CISCO ASA 5500 series) require these value to be adjusted in order to get NetUse properly configured.

SNMP timeout is controlled by the SNMPManualTimeout key. It’s value should be specified as a number of seconds ( i.e. 0.5 - is a half a second timeout)

Number of SNMP Retries is controlled by the SNMPRetry key.

By default NetUse uses 0.2 seconds timeout with 5 retries.

So.. How do we edit this plist file anyways? It’s quite simple. We should use terminal command called defaults to read from/write to plist file. Start a terminal application (located in your Applications under Utilities) and use the above mentioned command to adjust plist values as required.  Here are a few examples:

defaults write net.dewdropstudios.NetUse  SNMPManualTimeout -float 0.5

The above command sets SNMP timeout to 0.5 seconds.

To set number of SNMP retries use the following:

defaults write net.dewdropstudios.NetUse  SNMPRetry -int 4

The above command sets number of SNMP retries to 4.

You have to restart NetUse to accept new values.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us a line.


  1. Garys says:

    Hello All,
    My download and upload numbers seem to be reversed. How do I go about rectifying the problem? Thanks in advance.

  2. GrAnD says:

    I’ve just posted a short howto explaining how to reconfigure NetUse to reverse upload and download.

  3. Stephen Rice says:

    I just bought Netuse Traffic Monitor after first running the test utility. The test utility said all is fine and showed the graph, etc.

    NTM, on the other hand, stalls at checking my network. It gets the internet gateway and sees that SNMP is supported. In the next bow down three buttons light up green. But the little wheel grinds on with the message ‘Checking for SNMP Support’.

    Maybe, it needs my community string entered manually. How do I do that?

    What else could be worn?



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