NetUse: Why double traffic reports ?

We receive questions and reports about double traffic usage NetUse generates. As I’ve mentioned before NetUse collects and displays usage data that router reports back over SNMP. Some routers (in particular some models of Airport Express and Time Capsules) have a firmware bug and report double usage values over SNMP.

Staring with NetUse version 1.2.0  we’ve included a special plist value called BandwidthRatio which you can add into net.dewdropstudios.NetUse.plist file located in your ~/Library/Preferences folder. We’ve decided not to include this into GUI to avoid confusion.

The BandwidthRatio type should be set to a Number (see this screenshot) and it’s value is basically a multiplier to compensate for an incorrect usage data received from a router. In case of double usage reports just use 0.5 and you will be getting adequate results.

A quick tip: You can use the following command in terminal window to add BandwidthRatio value:

defaults write net.dewdropstudios.NetUse  BandwidthRatio -float 0.5


  1. theFlynnster says:

    How does one determine if their router has this firmware bug?

  2. GrAnD says:

    As far as we can tell Apple’s airport Extremes and TimeCapsules 4th and 5th generations report double traffic over SNMP. it’s easy to check. just download something while watching data usage increase in NetUse and if it’s about 2x of the downloaded file size, then just follow these easy steps to adjust NetUse to compensate for this bug in router’s firmware.

  3. Michael says:

    Awesome, thank you very much for integrating this plist value into the app. This bug has driven me nuts ever since I got my simultaneous-dual-band Extreme.

  4. Marti says:

    Is it possible that under lion this file is either named differently or not placed in the same location?

  5. GrAnD says:

    Since March 2012 NetUse works under a “sandbox” environment as a part of Apple’s new requirements. Therefore the preferences file is moved to a different location. In general though you don’t need to worry about it’s location in order to update preferences. Just use the same “defaults” command as in the above port.

  6. Carlton says:

    I’m running under Mountain Lion, and I needed to quit the application before running the terminal command for it to start working properly. So, if others are having the problem of it not seeming to “take”, then try that.

  7. Erol says:

    Using OS X 10.9, cannot find the net.dewdropstudios.NetUse.plist at all. It is definitely not in the ~/Library/Preferences folder.

    You state that “as a part of Apple’s new requirements the preferences file is moved to a different location”. Different yes but where is it?

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