Airport Extreme 5th generation and 7.6 firmware update

A few days ago Apple released a firmware update v7.6 for Time Capsules and Airport Extreme routers.

We’ve tested NetUse with 7.6 firmware update and it works great.

The latest firmware update had changed a list of available network interfaces on these routers. In particular the ppp network interface (used to connect to an ADSL modem) now is present in the list even though you don’t use PPPoE connection. Under “advanced options” in NetUse configuration assistant we have “Prefer ppp network interfaces” checkbox checked by default which could result in configuration issues in certain network configurations.

If you experiencing problems configuring NetUse and  have a latest Airport Extreme with new (version 7.6) firmware update installed, please uncheck the “Prefer ppp network interfaces” checkbox and rerun the tests. The test should be successful and NetUse will be properly configured.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about NetUse.


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