NetUse 1.2.2 is ready

NetUse 1.2.2 is ready, approved by Apple and will be available on the AppStore tomorrow (September 16, 2011).

Our free SNMP test utility is updated to 1.2.2 as well and is available.

We’ve added SNMP timeout and number of SNMP retries settings into both applications. Since timeout and number of retries rarely require any adjustments, we’ve decided to make them available though plist only to avoid any confusion. How to edit a plist file? It’s quite simple, please spend a few minutes and read on the subject.


  1. Paul says:

    Another great update guys, this keeps getting better and better. Now if you can work in support for Actiontec routers I’ll be totally happy

    One small visual glitch I hadn’t noticed before — if you select “Preferences…” from the File menu, the toolbar in the main NetUse window does not update the selected icon. So you end up with the “Bandwidth Usage” selected and the Preferences panel displayed. This also happens when the toolbar is hidden.

    For the dock icon, I’d like to see the bandwidth GRAPH as a display option. My dock icons are very small, so the display of bandwidth or speed are far too small to read. But the graph would likely be visible enough to be useful in the dock icon.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Francisco Puig says:

    Nice work, I like the Full Screen support on Lion.. and the status bar option too… The estimate usage is awesome.

    Excellent work again.

  3. Francisco Puig says:

    Testing V 1.2.4

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