NetUse 1.2.1: a sneak peek

We’ve just finished a major GUI update and really excited about a new look and feel of the app. Among many UI tweaks we’ve introduced a new weekly filter and updated a graph area with vertical dividers. Usage bar is updated as well. All of this and more will be available in NetUse 1.2.1.
Last but not least we’ve expanded hardware support for Billion routers as well as other similar hardware.


  1. Paul says:

    Looks very nice. Could you tweak the labels and displayed values so that their baselines are aligned? This is a nit from my old desktop publishing days — it’s visually much cleaner when all the characters rest on the same baseline. Right now bold-faced label is 1 or 2 pixels lower than the display value.

    Any progress on a “mini” display that would just show the current values and maybe a tiny graph? Something like what iTunes does when you click on the green + button?

  2. GrAnD says:

    Thanks. we like the new look very much ourselves and besides the looks an updated layout gives “room” for future functionality enhancements.
    Regarding a mini display feature. We already have a prototype working and hopefully release it soon.

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