NetUse 1.3.0 is out

We have very exciting news: NetUse 1.3.0 is available today on the AppStore. One of the new and long awaited features is finally here - custom filters support. Now you can easily create a custom filter for any data range. The custom filter editor looks amazing and very easy to use.

NetUse was updated with full support of retina displays and it looks even better now on these new MacBook Pros. The app now is fully converted to 64 bit (however it runs in 32bit mode on Snow Leopard) and SNMP support was improved as well adding more hardware support. NetUse’s memory usage was optimized and some minor issues were resolved as well.


  1. Bill weaver says:

    Please excuse me if I am a novice with your product (just installed yesterday).

    I don’t understand the usefulness of the new filter feature. It appears it can filter one or more days of usage but for what purpose?

    What I would like to see is the ability to track/monitor by computer, which I believe I read is being considered.

    And, it would be useful to be able to exclude some periods of time during the day. I use Wild blue/Exede and HughesNet prior to that. Both had usage allocations but both had time of day (night) free zones when traffic was not charged against the daily or monthly usage allocations.

    I am looking for a app that I can use to schedule high traffic tasks (i.e. software updates) on my (4) Macs by time of day (i.e Auto task Scheduler, Lingon). I imagine I could include Net Usage monitor in that list of tasks to schedule on/off to exclude that traffic.

    Please advise regarding my question of the filter and suggestions.

    Thanks, -billw

  2. Paul says:

    Seems like the app has gone very quiet — Any updates since 1.3.2? I am still seeing intermittent crashes running 64-bit OS X 10.8.5.

  3. GrAnD says:

    We’re working on a major update which should significantly improve overall stability of the app as well as add iCloud support and some other features.

  4. Keith Gould says:


    What is the usage filter supposed to do. I’ve played with it but can’t see what it does?

  5. Paul says:

    The usage filter gives you a view of historical traffic over the time period you define. This finally started working somewhat in version 1.3.5, though setting the dates is incredibly finicky as the start and end date are tied together with some mysterious algorithm.

    I have a database that goes back to 2011, and the filters don’t like it at all. It’s either corrupt or just too big for the app to handle, but I’ve never been able to get any information on how to clear or repair it.

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