Mountain Lion and Airport Configuration Utility

We™ve noticed that Apple™s Airport Utility version 5.6 which provides an access to all the configuration parameters of your Airports and Time Capsules can™t be easily installed on Mountain Lion. When you attempt to install Airport Utility 5.6 Mountain Lion tells you it™s not supported. This is not true. This version of AirPort Utility runs on Mountain Lion. The problem in this case  is the installer. If simply refuses to install this useful utility. The way around it is to extract the utility from the installer package. Please refer to this page for the details or simply download already extracted utility from our site.


    Finn says:

    To extract the package, double-click the DMG then:

    pkgutil -expand /Volumes/AirPortUtility/AirPortUtility.pkg ~/airport/
    cd ~/airport/AirPortUtility.pkg
    tar xzf Payload

    App will be in your home directory under ~/airport/AirPortUtility.pkg/Applications/Utilities/AirPort

    Rename it to “AirPort Utility 5.6″ or something and disable automatic update checking in the app.

    daniel says:

    thank you very much for figuring this out. i just submitted feedback to apple letting them know this was very sloppy pool on their part. hopefully others will do the same here:

    martin cvetkovic says:

    Thanks so much for the info and links. Saved me hours of frustration.

    Jean Lefebvre says:

    Sorry to report, so far, that even your AirPort Utility won™t install on Maverick: You can™t use this version of the application “Airport Utility” with this version of OS X.
    I™ll try with Snow Leopard in a VM

    Prime73 says:

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