gotta smoke? - we can help quiting smoking

We have some exciting news not exactly related to NetUse. One of our teammates is a smoker. He has been trying to leave this nasty habit behind for quite some time now and we’ve decided to support his quest by making a small Christmas gift for him - a helper iPhone app which we called “Gotta Smoke?”.

The app uses special addiction evaluation algorithms and statistical analyses to determine your regular, everyday, smoking habits, creates and assists you in following a quitting smoking routine. A break smoking program is customized to your unique smoking habits and needs, helping you fight nicotine withdrawal symptoms. After every cigarette you have, the app will make small adjustments to the time between cigarettes, gradually easing you into smoking less everyday.

It’s been a couple of weeks since our colleague had started using the app and we do see improvements - less and less smokes everyday. The process is not easy but using a proper tool to help you along is important. The key is to go slowly starting with small, achievable steps. If you trying to quit smoking - check the “Gotta Smoke?” app out on the App Store. We hope it will help someone quitting smoking and stay quit.

Did I mention it’s free for a time being?

Happy New Year everyone. Cheers!

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  1. Rob says:

    Every little things help and this could push you past any wall you may come against try this.

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