FAQ about NetUse traffic monitor

Q: What hardware is supported by NetUse?

A: NetUse works great with Apple’s time capsule, airport extreme, airport express (a new version with 802.11n support) or any other brand modern router or a gateway with enabled SNMP function. Please note: The latest Apple Extreme and Time Machine routers that have a tower shape do not support SNMP.

Q: I have upgraded my Airport Configuration Utility to version 6.0 and I don’t see SNMP configuration options anywhere. How do I enable SNMP on my Airport Extreme or Time Capsule?

A: Apple removed advanced configuration parameters from Airtport Configuration Utility 6.0. Please download a version 5.6 of the utility from Apple’s support page to get a full access to all configuration parameters of your router. SNMP configuration is located under Advanced settings.

Q: I have upgraded to Mountain Lion and can’t install Airport Configuration Utility 5.6 to configure my Airport or Time Capsule.

A: Please read this post explaining how to run Airport Utility 5.6 on Mountain Lion. Short Answer - you need to extract AirPort Utility from the installer package manually or you can just download already extracted utility.

Q: I don’t know if my router supports SNMP… How do I check?
A: Please consult your router user manual to find out. Once SNMP is enabled, please download our free SNMP test Utility to check if your setup is compatible with NetUse.

Q: What is this SNMP function anyways?
A: SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. A special protocol designed to gather various information from compatible devices. Wikipedia has a good article about SNMP and what’s good for.

Q: What OS version is supported?
A: Current version of NetUse runs under MacOS Mavericks (10.9.x), MacOS Mountain Lion (10.8.x) and Lion (10.7x) .

Q: Does/can Netuse display a breakdown of the traffic usage per machine? Or is it a combined total of all traffic?
A: Current version of NetUse shows overall network usage only.

Q: How do I configure NetUse?
A: After its first start NetUse will present a simple test/configuration dialog which would help to determine if your network setup meets requirements. NetUse does pretty good job figuring out your network configuration and in most cases all you need is to press “Check My Network” button to auto test and configure the application. On rare occasions you might need to manually enter Internet Gateway IP address and SNMP Community String password as well as select a network interface to use for statistics collection.

Q: How do I edit plist file and adjust NetUse settings?
A: The easiest way is to use a terminal command called defaults

Q: My Router is SNMP enabled. Why do I still get “Network interface can’t be detected…” message?
A: Most routers do work with a default SNMP Community String password (a word public), but some do require to provide a password you’ve specified during your router configuration. For instance Apple’s airport express requires to use the same password you’ve provided in Apple Airport Utility. Please double check you’ve used a correct password.

Q: NetUse requires a password. What password should I use?
A: A password NetUse requires is the one you set for SNMP Community String. By default it’s a word “public” without quotes.

Q: My router is SNMP enabled, but NetUse’s configuration assistant still fails.
A: Some old hardware do not provide full SNMP capabilities and can’t be fully utilized by NetUse.

Q: I have a Cisco router ( or similar) and NetUse shows only spikes on a reattime graph instead of a smooth curve. How do I fix this?
A: Some routers (Cisco in particular) have an SNMP cache timeout set to 10-15 seconds, while NetUse requires 1 second poll to properly display realtime graph. You can adjust these settings. Also please note that overall data usage accuracy wouldn’t be affected.

Q:  I’m having trouble using NetUse to read from a router ( in particular an Airport Extreme and Time Capsule). I’m certain that I’ve read and followed the directions correctly, but I keep getting the error message “not supported or incorrect password.”
A:  Some routers require a power cycle.

Q: I’ve changed gateway’s address, why NetUse still shows data from the old gateway/router?
A: Current version of NetUse requires restart after gateway change to properly show new data. We plan to address this in one of the upcoming updates.

Q:  Why all traffic is being reported as double?
A: It’s a firmware bug in some routers. Please read this post for a workaround.

Q: After changing network interfaces the Bandwidth Usage screen shows an accurate usage stats. what’s going on?
A: What happens here is a not a bug, but a logic issue we’ve faced. Basically it’s all comes down to a question:
What to do with already collected usage data when you change a network interface?
We’ve decided to keep it.
With introduction of a “usage reset” feature you can decide yourself what to do with already collected usage stats and either remove it or keep it when you change a network interface

Q: I’ve tried to reset usage data, but NetUse still shows some “leftover” traffic. What to do and how to “fix” this?
A: “Reset Usage” option removes data collected by NetUse and it doesn’t not zero-out usage data stored in your router storage. Please spend a few minutes and read  ”how NetUse works and collects data” for a more detailed explanation of where NetUse gets the stats from. If you would like to zero-out data stored in router’s storage as well, you have to turn if off and turn it back on (please double check with a manufacturer of your router).

Q: Do you plan to release iPad/iPhone version of NetUse?
A: Yes, we plan to release a client version of NetUse for iPad and iPhone which would work in conjunction with Mac version.

Q: Can I get NetUse for Windows?
A: Hold on there, we’re working on it. We love to program, and our team is trying to figure out how to squeeze a couple more hours out of each day so we can create NetUse for other platforms. Stay tuned . . .

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for NetUse ?

A: We use Internet everyday and always been curios to know how much bandwidth we consume at a giving time. Many ISPs started to introduce traffic caps and NetUse was born  - the tool to provide network usage statistics in a simple and elegant way.

Q: How do I report a bug or suggest a feature?
A: Please send us a bug report, your comments or suggestions through our contact form