Apple’s Airport Utility 6.0 update

Apple’s just released an update for Airport Utility (version 6.0) . This upgrade includes a completely redesigned user interface and it is missing some functionality. In particular there is no SNMP configuration available among other things. If you plan to monitor Internet traffic over SNMP using NetUse, please do not upgrade your Airport Utility (or keep an older copy as well). We’ve contacted Apple to get a clarification on the issue. Here is an official link to download a version 5.6 of Airport Utility which provides full access to your Extreme (or Time Capsule) configuration.

Current  version (1.2.4) of NetUse is tested and fully compatible with the latest Airport Extreme firmare update 7.6.1.


  1. Don says:

    Looks like snmpwalk also doesn’t work. It returns ‘no response’ from Airport when attempting to query the MIB.

  2. GrAnD says:

    Airports sometimes require a reboot to get SNMP working after you enable it in Airport Configuration Utility. snmpwalk command is a good test to run to ensure SNMP works correctly.

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